Green Spirit Article – Spring 2014


Here is the article that I wrote for Greenspirit magazine. It is “The Art of Seeing and the Evolution of Being” and discusses the missed dimension of cognition in perception. Basically, how we think affects how we understand the world around us, but in ways that we are often not aware of in our everyday lives. This ‘missed dimension’ often remains invisible until attention is brought to it, yet it can drastically affect how we understand, relate to and behave in the world around us.

Click here to read the article. GreenSpirit-Kidd[1]

I would like to send many thanks to Tilley and Mirella for being such wonderful, supportive editors.


1 thought on “Green Spirit Article – Spring 2014

  1. sky52

    Dear Emma,I’ve been meaning to figure out how to find your email address so I could tell you how much I enjoyed reading your article below.  I’m pleased to now have a soft copy of it.  Several of the things you pointed out resonate with my outlook and world view.  Sensory perception is such a fascinating subject and touches on several aspects of how we make sense of our experience of being in the world.  My wife, Marian is a senior editor of the Greenspirit magazine and is just now packaging the summer issue which is in its final stage of preparation.I’m not certain where to proceed from here but might suggest that you have a look at my blog posts and other material on  If you resonate with my interests maybe we would enjoy dialogue and stimulating conversations around mutual concerns.  At the moment I’m reading “One Mind” by Larry Dossey and have just finished reading Rupert Sheldrake’s fascinating treatise on Science in the “Science Delusion.”  Take good care,Sky

    We are earthlings. We are home. Where else would we want to be?


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