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New Book: First Steps to Seeing – released 18th June 2015

First Steps Book Cover - whole Ok folks…it is with great pleasure that I can announce that my new book First Steps to Seeing is now complete! I have resisted announcing the book until I was sure that every single part of it was polished, done and dusted – and now it is! I am very happy to say that Floris Books are publishing First Steps to Seeing. The book will be on sale 18th June 2015 and it is already available to pre-order from the Amazon website.

The journey has been intense, demanding and (mostly) very enjoyable! It has been such a pleasure, and a luxury, to devote my whole attention to one piece of work, and – along the way – writing First Steps to Seeing has given me a chance to really experience what it means to give life my full attention.

I am also more aware, now than ever, of what it means to ‘do one thing well’ – thanks to inspiration from David Hieatt at Hiut Denim in Wales, who  – after I was so impressed with their amazing factory last summer – I have featured as a case study in the book.

In the coming weeks and months I will be posting more reflections on my experience of writing the book, giving other sneak previews of what’s in the book, and also outlining some of the main ideas and practical exercises that are featured in First Steps to Seeing – so do stay in in touch, and keep posted!

Emma x