Welcome to Sensing Life! My name is Emma Kidd. I am an independent researcher, writer, educator and consultant; as well as a photographer, philosopher and lover of life.

I work with a diverse group of businesses and not-for-profit organisations to create enlivening, healthier, peaceful and more sustainable ways of working and living. I do this by exploring the connections between the ways in which our brains work and what we ‘think’ we know and see; and by cultivating the capacity to pay full attention to our work, studies and relationships, both personal and professional.

I have just finished writing my first book, “First Steps to Seeing: A Path to Living Attentively” which is being published by Floris Books on the 18th June 2015 and is now available to pre-order.

After spending the first half of my career working as a Lingerie Designer in Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and China, I experienced first hand the social and natural destruction caused by mass-production and ‘fast’ fashion.

Thirteen years ago I relocated to the UK to explore more meaningful, sustainable and harmonious ways of being and doing.

For me, Sensing Life is a journey where personal and professional development are intricately woven together, through a variety of creative, perception altering, enquiries and practices. Many of which are in direct participation with our sensory experience.

I offer a series of practical and interactive workshops designed to cultivate awareness and an ability to locate our attention so that we can concentrate on getting to know life as it is, rather than be distracted by our brain’s automatic definitions, judgments and assumptions.

These workshops aim to develop the participant’s full attention so that they can live life, and understand it, in deeper, richer and more meaningful ways.

Check out my workshop page to find out more.

I am also a guest writer for magazine and blogs, such as Transition Consciousness. This website was founded by a great friend and colleague of mine Simon Robinson, co-author of Holonomics. He has also been kind enough to feature my MSc Holistic Science dissertation on his site which is available for download here.

I also work with, and write for, the Holistic Science Journal. It is a unique and independent journal uncovering the living dynamic within the facts of science. Set up as a platform for living inquiry, it extends an invitation for authors and readers alike, to become co-creators, participating in an on-going, dynamic, evolutionary dialogue of lived experience.You can download one of my articles here.

If you would like to know more, do feel free to contact me by email: emmakidd81@gmail.com


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