Photo credits: E. Kidd

This is the thesis that I wrote for my MSc degree at Schumacher college in 2009 entitled “Re-cognition”. Dissertation_Emma_Kidd

Journal Papers:

Written in 2010 –

Turning a New Leaf – HS Journal


Written in 2013 –


Written in 2012 –

Getting to Know – A Pathway to Living Knowledge

Book chapters, excerpts and references:

This chapter is a recollection of my transition from Lingerie Designer to activist and advocate for developing new ways of seeing, being and doing. A pre-history to SensingLife.

Knickers to That

“Stories of the Great Turning” Vala, April 2013, http://www.valapublishers.coop/storiesofthegreatturning

Workshop and course outlines:




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